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Why Is Video Views So Important?

One of the features that separates TIDAL immensely from its competition is that it allows its artists the ability to also release and distribute videos in addition to just songs. This provides subscribers with another reason to gravitate to the platform. For artists, it’s beneficial because it enables them to show another element of their creativity and gives them a chance to expand their audience with even more inclusive content. 

Due to videos being such a unique trait on any music-streaming platform, going viral with it can be deemed a lot easier in comparison to just songs (since that form of distribution can be saturated). 

Rising Star makes getting plays on your video very easy, making it easier for you to grow your audience. To place an order, simply enter the URL link to the video you’d like to get plays on, enter the desired quantity of plays, and click the order button above. 

Before ordering, please make sure that your page is set to public (and not private) so that we can successfully deliver your order.

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