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What Makes TIDAL So Great?

One of the unique elements that make the music-streaming platform so great is that it pays artists higher royalties than its competition. Another great aspect of TIDAL is that it concentrates heavily on up-and-coming artists with one of its components called “TIDAL Discover” and acquiring exclusive deals for new music.

Unique listeners will also notice playlists organized by employees of TIDAL (similar to Spotify’s Weekly Discover), which gives your music and brand an ever greater chance at being discovered. This makes acquiring playlist plays and unique listeners even more important. Simply put, the more plays your songs get, and the more unique listeners your page has, the higher the chance you’ll have at being discovered.

If you’re serious about becoming a star, definitely consider acquiring as many playlist plays and unique listeners as possible in order to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be -eventually being featured on TIDAL Discover, and TIDAL Rising (which are components of TIDAL dedicated to spotlighting new up-and-coming artists.

We make acquiring unique listeners as easy as possible. Simply paste the URL link to your artist page, select the desired quantity that you want, click the order button, and WALA. Sit back, relax, and watch 100% REAL and active people on TIDAL begin to pour into your page.

Before ordering, please make sure that your page is set to public (and not private) so that we can successfully deliver your order.

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