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What Is TIDAL?

TIDAL is a worldwide music platform that connects artists and fans across 54 countries via unique music and entertainment experiences.
You can reach millions of potential fans with your music thanks to TIDAL’s worldwide reach and smart features.
They also attract subscribers by providing rare content and real-life events like concerts. All of this allows them to build a more immersive music streaming experience that focuses on your artist brand.
Their business strategy also helps artists. TIDAL has the greatest royalty-to-revenue ratio. You will be paid at the same rate as label-signed artists.
Finally, TIDAL is concerned about content curation. They regularly promote up-and-coming musicians with a lot of promise. TIDAL Rising was the name given to the program, and you may have heard of it.

Why Is Having A TIDAL Playlist Beneficial?

As an artist, having a playlist for a particular set of songs (for example, a specific genre of music, or an album) can help you get views on them a lot faster. With Rising Star’s Playlist Plays features, you can split a desired number of plays evenly throughout the songs in your Playlist. This ensures that all of the songs in your playlist (or album) gets an even chance at being heard. and potentially going viral. 

To place an order, simply enter the URL of your song playlist, choose the amount of plays you’d like, and click the order button. Once the order has begun, we will take it from there to ensure that your playlist get played the number of times that you selected above. 

Before ordering, please make sure that your page is set to public (and not private) so that we can successfully deliver your order.

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