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What Is Mixcloud?

Mixcloud is an online music streaming platform built by music lovers that enables people to listen to and distribute songs, radio stations, podcasts, and DJ mixes, and these elements are crowd-sourced by users that are registered on its platform. Mixcloud allows you to play all of the music you like as well as building communities and getting paid for it.

Since Mixcloud functions with its creators and artists at its center, they allow everyone to fairly upload and listen to unlimited audio. This is also because one of their missions is to empower music creators to better help them connect to their fans/potential audiience.

The Importance of Mixcloud Plays?

Mixcloud is one of the greatest online music streaming platforms to distribute your music, radio stations, DJ mixes, and podcasts easily. However, its that same ease that also enables other people to do the exact same thing, which makes standing out in the crowd increasingly difficult. In-turn, the saturation of the ever-growing artists and content creators on the platform also makes it difficult to reach the discover page of Mixcloud (where the platform would share your content to its registered users organically, giving your content free promotion).

In order to achieve that level of virality in the sea of saturation, you will need an abundant number of plays on your content (whether that be your songs, or any other of the aforementioned content above). Having a significant number of plays on your content shows the Mixcloud platform that users on their platform actually want to play and listen to your content, so they will help share it with even more people on their platform (because by making their users happy, Mixcloud is able to keep them on the platform longer), which should eventually get you to the discover page, and help you go viral. 

The more plays that your content has, the higher the chance of it going viral, so definitely don’t be modest with your goal. Rising Star makes acquiring plays on your content super easy, To place an order, all you have to do is enter the URL of the content you’d like to get played (by 100% Real people), your desired quantity of plays, and then click the order button above. Once your order is placed, feel free to grab a nice beverage, relax, and let the wave of plays on your content begin!🌊 


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