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What’s The Difference Between “Instagram Likes” & “Instagram Power Likes”?

Acquiring likes on your posts is great social-proof that tells the Instagram world that people find your content entertaining, and in-turn, if you get enough (thousands upon thousands of likes) in a short amount of time, Instagram will recognize that particular post as important and show it to more people (by sending it to the Explore Page). Nevertheless, since a plethora of people are constantly generating thousands of likes on their posts in minutes, standing out from the crowd could still be difficult. Apart from that, since Instagram deems larger accounts with tens and hundreds of thousands of followers to be more of a higher caliber than smaller accounts, the weight of those higher caliber accounts liking your post is much more significant than a normal account. For example, if one verified person (that has a million followers) liked your post, that could measure up to the same standard as tens of thousands of smaller accounts liking your post (since the verified account is deemed to have a higher caliber).

How To Use Power LIkes?

Supercharge your Instagram post with “Power Likes”! This powerful Rising Star exclusive package will get you likes from accounts that have tens to hundreds of thousands, and even millions of followers. Some of the accounts that will like your post are even Verified! If your aim is to get to the Explore Page, this package will most likely get you there. Order one of our very generous packages above and take your exposure and engagement through the roof!

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Please note that in order for us to deliver your order, your Instagram page must be set to public (and not private).

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