Instagram Megastar Pack

The Megastar Pack Will Provide A Mega-Boost Of Engagement To Any Instagram Page

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What Is An Instagram Megastar Pack?

The Instagram Megastar Pack was created to do one thing- make your Instagram Page go viral as quickly as possible! We have made available 3 different packs to choose from, giving you variety and greater specification on whether you’d like the ultimate form of engagement to be delivered to just your post, or to your entire Instagram page!

How Can the Megastar Packs Benefit You?

Sparking and increasing engagement on any post or page can be very difficult and tedious at times, so rather than needing to purchase individual likes, comments, comment replies, comment likes, or instagram followers, we’ve decided to put it all in one bundle package- giving you access to everything in just one purchase! 

You’d definitely want to take full advantage of this engagement driver to make the most of out each one of your posts. 

To place an order, simply choose your desired Megastar package above, enter the URL of your Instagram post (or page if you’ve chosen Megastar pack 3) on the checkout page, and most importantly, please make sure that your Instagram page is set to “public” (and not private).

How Are We Different From Others?

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