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What Are The Benefits Of Instagram Direct Messages?

This is an EXTREMELY powerful service when used properly. It can significantly skyrocket the sales of your business/brand, or extend your message to thousands of users instantaneously to their inbox on Instagram. 

How To Use Instagram Direct Messages?

We will extract Instagram users from a (primary account) and deliver them a personalized message (of your design) to their inbox.
Please keep in mind that while selecting the account whose followers you want us to send messages to, make sure they are targeted towards who your customer is or who your message would benefit the most.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a large number of followers to send DMs to; we can scrape them for you if you provide the URL of a major account above. We will scrape their following and give them the customized message.
Main account, for example: @Music
“Hey, I saw you’re a fellow music fan like myself, and I wanted to recommend @musicforeveryone.”
Here’s How To Place Your Order: Type your email address in the email box above, the number of DMs to send in the quantity box (the maximum is 50,000 DMs), the username from which you want us to scrape followers and send DMs in the USERNAME box, and finally, in the message box, enter the message that you want us to send.
“Hello! Check out @dogsofinstagram for more pics!”

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