How To Use Your Instagram Followers To Explode Online Sales From Day 1!

Several startups have become successful throughout the world in recent years. While most of their success may be attributed to the high quality of their products and services, some of it can also be attributed to their marketing efforts on social media sites such as Instagram.

Instagram marketing techniques include both promotional and engagement initiatives with followers. This post will go through all of the best Instagram engagement tactics to help your company gain more Instagram followers, and in-turn, make you more money.  On a related topic, if you want to develop quickly and easily, you can always purchase Instagram followers. But first, let’s define Instagram engagement and why it matters.

What exactly is Instagram engagement, and why is it important?

Instagram engagement is defined as the interaction between your target audience and your Instagram posts. Instagram provides a number of analytics that allow businesses to track their engagement, including:

Shares Comments Followers Saves



Personalized hashtags

Mentions (both tagged and untagged)

These analytics provide information on how your target audience interacts with your material. Simply said, a high number indicates that your audience is actually engaged in your material and actively engaging with it, rather than simply seeing it.

Instagram’s algorithm also favors pages with a high level of interaction. So, if you want more people to see your startup’s Instagram profile, you need to start paying attention to engagement.


Now that you understand what Instagram engagement is and how important it is, let’s look at some of the ways you can engage with your Instagram followers to boost the popularity of your brand.

1.Know who you’re generating content for

 By performing audience research, you may discover more about the demographics of your target audience. This is a complicated procedure that entails:


Compiling information about current social media audiences and consumers

Using social listening to uncover brand-related discussions

Exploring the social media platforms used by your target audience

Analyzing your competitors

Understanding what your Instagram audience expects from you 

  1. Be genuine when engaging.

Businesses used to rely on sleek marketing tactics that lacked genuineness. Those days are long passed. Nowadays, if you want your startup to be more visible on Instagram, you must be real.

Being authentic on Instagram entails providing material that gives your target audience a look into the actual people behind your brand. For example, behind-the-scenes photographs and films showing your staff at work can increase audience confidence in your company. Remember that honesty is valued more than perfection.

  1. Use descriptions and hashtags to highlight your brand’s individuality.

Captions and hashtags are essential in bringing out your brand’s personality in front of your target audience on Instagram. So, make good use of them. Instagram allows users to create captions up to 2,200 characters long, which is more than enough for delivering compelling stories. Simply simply, the more fascinating your tales are, the more likely your Instagram followers are to leave comments on your posts.

You may also insert up to 30 hashtags in each post. Hashtags are important on Instagram because they help viewers to find pages and related content. However, avoid stuffing hashtags into all of your postings. In general, you should utilize 3–5 hashtags each post. It’s also critical to utilize appropriate hashtags, as using unrelated hashtags may result in users reporting your material.

  1. Videos are more engaging than photographs.

When Instagram originally became popular, it was primarily a photo-sharing app. However, with the passage of time, it has grown into something more. Instagram users now choose to interact with video content over photographs. As a result, make it a point to publish videos on a regular basis.

Don’t be concerned about little flaws in your films! A tiny bit of flaw will bring your brand’s genuineness to the forefront. There are a plethora of video editing programs available to help you add that additional gloss to your films. You may, for example, add music to your films and blend different scenarios.

  1. Make advantage of the Carousels function.

The Carousels feature on Instagram allows users to submit numerous photographs inside a single post. There’s nothing better than the Carousels function for making your photo-based content stand out. The function also produces a significant amount of user involvement (on average, more than three times the engagement generated by regular posts).

There is also a wealth of information accessible online to assist you in generating Carousels posts for increased user interaction. If you’re a newbie, you can also choose from free themes that make it simple to create Carousels posts. So, take advantage of all available options to increase user interaction on your startup’s Instagram profile.

  1. High-quality pictures are required.

Even though videos and Carousel posts create greater user interaction than conventional photo-based posts, this does not imply you should ignore the latter. Remember that the classic photo-based post is still the easiest to create and access, and whatever interaction it creates will add to the total numbers.

Users will not interact with a post that has a low-quality image, though. So, before you publish a photo on Instagram, make sure it’s of great quality. You may even use Instagram’s built-in filters or a third-party photo-editing program to enhance such photographs before posting them.

  1. Use Instagram Live to generate real-time user interaction.

Live videos have grown in popularity during the previous two to three years. This has resulted in the addition of live video functionality to all major social media platforms, allowing users to communicate with their followers in real-time. The beautiful part about live videos is that they let you become more personal with your audience.

Instagram has implemented a Live Shopping function, which allows companies to sell their items while also hosting live broadcasts. Feel free to address everyone of the viewers in your live videos by name. This will result in a stronger emotional bond between you and your Instagram followers.

  1. Share and promote user-generated material

Social media platforms enable Instagram followers and startups to engage in dialogues that are not limited to words. For example, if a user tags your business in a post, you may share that material as a story—the trend of sharing user-generated content creates new avenues for companies to interact with their consumers.

Your audience will appreciate that you are eager to share their material, which will enhance the likelihood that they will share yours. New audiences will notice how you distribute your audience’s content, which will encourage them to follow your company.

  1. Respond to direct messages and comments.

However, just because something is tough does not imply it should be avoided. If you don’t answer to your followers’ messages, they may believe you don’t care about them. As a consequence, people may decide to unfollow your Instagram account.

It would be ideal if you could set up a few hours each week to react to all of the comments and direct messages. You don’t have to go into great detail in your replies. Sometimes all a follower needs to hear from you is a simple ‘thank you’ to an appreciating comment.


  1. Stick to publishing times that are strategic.

So you’ve just written an intriguing piece, and can’t wait to publish it. However, after releasing it, you received a lackluster response from your Instagram followers. What may be the cause?

You most likely published the post when the bulk of your target audience was sleeping. That is why posting at strategic times is critical to ensuring that your messages are seen by your target audiences. After all, if your followers can’t see your postings, they won’t be able to interact with them.

  1. Include calls to action in each post.

It is critical that you include calls to action in all of your posts, regardless of the kind. Yes, some of your followers will interact with your content regardless of whether or not you have CTAs. Many people, though, will require nudges to interact with your postings.

Also, make sure that the calls to action mirror the essence of your business. In short,  get creative and come up with fresh ways to encourage your followers to accomplish what you want and need them to do.


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