Who Are We?

Rising Star is the fastest-growing Social Media Growth Service platform in the world, and our mission is in the name- to create stars on the rise!

Who Do We Serve?

There are millions of talented individuals across all walks of life who have the potential to become famous but just don’t quite know how to jumpstart their fame. That’s where we come in!

We serve actors, singers, rappers, artists, models, promoters, corporate execs, and even the people who just feel like they’re meant to become a little bit more in life. That they’re too special to live a normal life because they’re meant to be seen and live the life of their dreams!

It’s time to influence the masses and become a Rising Star!

Why Choose Rising Star?

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Go from ordinary to superstar with the fastest growing social media platform on the planet! Every follower-purchase is backed by our drop-protection, and world-class customer service!

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I’ve tried many social media growth services in the past, and simply put, there is literally nothing like Rising Star.

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There are no words to describe how amazed we are with the results! Rising star helped us start getting paid with their amazing Youtube packages, and our channel grew to well over 1,000,000 subscribers in a matter of months! #Mindboggled

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I love how easy it is to become a star with this website. The quality of their services is accurately derived from their name. Their award system is outstanding, making it very possible to get to your influencer goals!  We use them across various platforms because their price for service is virtually unbeatable. We cannot thank them enough.

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